House That Built Me
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Refuge Foundation for The Arts

The Refuge Foundation for the Arts

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About Refuge Foundation for the Arts: Refuge Foundation For The Arts is a non-profit organization providing sanctuary for the pursuit of creative expression through music and art. Founded in response to the lack of resources available to artists today, it is the mission of The Refuge to offer patronage and opportunity to creators in a supportive and collaborative environment. Bordered by the Fox River in Appleton, WI and built in 1935 by Capuchin-Franciscan monks, our beautiful 33,000 square foot facility houses recording studios, art studios, and artist residences amid ten acres of protected nature, gardens, and orchards. For more information, please visit

Refuge Foundation for the Arts has helped to release 3 albums in the last year, with the debut of Adriel Denae (produced by Norah Jones) slated for Fall of 2018

               Adriel Denae "Build a World" - coming soon