House That Built Me


We celebrate the courage of women choosing sustainable options by releasing our first short documentary. The short film, narrated by Julian Lennon, features his track "Invisible" with the central message: "Know that loves surrounds you. It's invisible." Follow Tsega, one young woman from the countryside in Ethiopia who exercised choice against at-risk alternatives.

Studio Samuel

Studio Samuel launched in April 2012 with the mission to provide life skills training to vulnerable young women in Ethiopia. In late 2014, we were granted our international NGO license by the Charities and Societies Agency in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our training center opened and the first class of 25 students enrolled in Training for Tomorrow (Studio Samuel's trademarked life skills program). In March 2017, we celebrated the enrollment of the 100th Studio Samuel student.

Tamara Horton, FIT graduate, Women’s Campaign International Global Ambassador to Ethiopia and Board Member of Ethiopia Healthcare Network, founded Studio Samuel following the international adoption of her son, Samuel. Tamara's goal was to reach one girl by creating a 'teach a man to fish' platform which would result in opportunity, steering girls away from the all to common barriers prone to those living in poverty: child marriage, trafficking, lack of access to education and child labor.

Training for Tomorrow has impacted young Ethiopian women through mentoring, counseling, self-defense training, occupational training, healthcare, feminine hygiene and more.  This holistic approach to life skills training has proven effective. By inspiring action for girls to experience independence, job training and life skills,  Studio Samuel is helping young women break their poverty cycle - with dignity - one woman at a time.

Ellena Osis works with Studio Samuel, as an Artist Curator - partnering Artists together with the Foundation for special events.